Die Monarchie

Who founded the brand

About the company...

We are a young dynamic company responsible for creation of the fashion brand Die Monarchie. The mission of Die Monarchie is production of exclusive hand-made self-tie bow ties for gentlemen.

Our Bow ties can be found in wedding boutiques, exclusive gentlemen and tailor shops. To achieve the highest quality of our hand sewn bow ties, the materials used in production are carefully selected from renowned fabric producers.

Our bow ties are produced in Slovakia.

The exclusivity and quality of processing is our priority !



About me...

Who am I ? An aircraft engineer, a businessman or a tailor ?

Really, I don't know... When the market with bow ties does not provide the quality that the customers want, is a time for opportunities. That was my opportunity...

I was leaving the excellent payed job like an aircraft engineer, and start my own business with the elegance for gentlemen. I start to sewing historical costumes, waist-coats and bow ties, and during the process I decided to concentrate exclusively on sewing bow-ties in the highest quality.

I hope that my bow ties will bring you as much joy as they do to me, and Thank you for reading about my company and me.

Have a Great luxury day.


Peter Eichhorn

Founder & Managing Director